Em Dash Alt Code

Em dashes are used in sentences to show break or any interrupt. There are further more types of dashes such as en dash and hyphens. They all are the alternatives of commas, colons, semi colons, and parentheses. On different platforms different codes and methods are used to type or add em dash. Same as Em Dash Alt Code is used to add em dash. Alt codes are used for different punctuation marks and en das is one of them.

In Alt Code, alt key is hold down with relevant keys to appear any character or symbol. Some instructions are needed to follow to print any symbol or character by using standard keyboard on windows. These alt codes are only applicable on Microsoft windows, power point, excel, and outlook. Alt codes are also called alt key codes or alt numeric pad codes.

Here is the List of Some Alt Keys for Punctuation Marks

Symbol Name Alt Code Symbol
Em Dash Alt 0151
En Dash Alt 0150
Hyphen Alt 45
Comma Alt 44 ,
Colon Alt 58 :
Semi Colon Alt 59 ;
Under Score Alt 95 _
Exclamation Mark Alt 33 !
Question Mark Alt 63 ?
Open Bracket Alt 40 (
Close Bracket Alt 41 )
Back Slash Alt 92 \
Slash Alt 47 /
Bar Alt 142 |
Asterisk Alt 42 *

By using the above-mentioned alt codes, you can print your desired punctuation mark.

Instructions to Use Alt Code on Desktop Computer by Using Standard Numeric Keys Keyboard:

  • Your keyboard should contain numeric keypad.
  • Numeric keypad should be enabled by pressing Num Lock key, led light indicate that the key is pressed or not such as when key is pressed light turn on.
  • Cursor should be at the place where you want to add special character.
  • Alt key that is on the left side of your keyboard, press and hold down it.
  • Press decimal code of the corresponding character or symbol that you want to add
  • After this release Alt key
  • Finally your required character will be displayed.


  • As an example Alt Code for em dash is 0151.
  • Press and hold down Alt Key and type 0151 from numeric keypad, and then release the Alt Key.
  • As a result ”—“ will print on your screen.