Em Dash Code

Are you interested to know about Em Dash Code? You will definitely will be able to figure out what codes are used to print em dash. There are more two types of dashes one is en dash and the other is hyphen. Hyphen is smaller dash, en dash is larger than hyphens, and em dash is larger than both.

All these three dashes are different purpose dashes and are used at different places or in different context. But Em dash is most versatile dash that is why it is considered mostly. Em dashes or any other dashes improves readability and are loved by writers and readers. It is not difficult task to understand where and how to use em dashes it is quite easy to comprehend and implement.

Following are Some Examples of Using these Dashes in Different Context:

Hyphens are used for compound words such as:

  • Build-up
  • Stop-off
  • Break-in
  • Sugar-free
  • Power-Driven
  • Good-looking
  • Computer-aided
  • Brother-in-law.

Em dashes are used to show range or period of numbers such as:

  • Please pick a number from 1-100
  • I need $700-$800 to buy a new mobile
  • I lived in Canada from 2012-2018.

Em dashes are used in place of Commas, Colons, Semi Colons, and Parentheses:

  • I am really missing Jorge (my best friend) to help me in assignment.
  • I am really missing Jorge, my best friend, to help me in assignment.
  • I am really missing Jorge—my best friend—to help me in assignment.

Em Dash Codes:

There are multiple ways to code em dash. You can type it by using Microsoft Word, code it in Html, or can use alt Code, Unicode or Mac code. These all mentioned codes are for Microsoft windows.

  • To type it in Microsoft word just type minus or dash sign two times, word automatically convert this pair of dashes into em dash.
  • If you want to code it in Html then simply use one of them in source code:
  • Html Entity Number: —
  • Html Entity Name: —
  • If you need Alt code to print em dash then follow the below mention step:
  • Press and hold down Alt Key and type 0151 from numeric keypad, and then release the Alt Key.