Em Dash Copy Paste

Em Dash is also called m-rule or m-dash. Em Dash is longer in size than en dash or hyphens. Its width is equal to the width of English letter M. There is no any specific key on standard keyboard so it can be copy paste from word document or can be typed by using some specific keys. Em dashes are best of all dashes because it provide you versatility. There is a small difference between em dash, en dash or hyphens. But one thing that is noticeable is that em dash has more significance than en dash, hyphen or any other dashes.

Em dashes are used in many different ways such as it can be used in place of colons, commas, parentheses, and semi colon. One more implementation of em dash is at the place where an interrupt or change in thought take place. At that time use of full stop is not valid and comma is not appropriate so we use em dash.

How to Type Em Dash?

In case you are typing in Microsoft word document then type two simple dashes in a single row without space. Word automatically convert this pair of dashes into em dash.

In other case you need to copy paste the em dash. Once you copy em dash you can use in anywhere such as WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, or any other platform.

Some short cut keys from standard keyboard can be used to type em dash.

  • Press “Alt + Ctrl + Dash” from your keyboard.
  • Hold on Alt key and type 0151 on standard numeric keyboard
  • Go to insert menu and press symbol option and select em dash

Examples of Using Em Dash

Comparing em dashes with parentheses and commas

  • Three strong alkali elements (sodium, calcium, and potassium) are natural the substituents.
  • Three strong alkali elementssodium, calcium, and potassiumare usual the substituents.
  • Three strong alkali elements sodium, calcium, and potassium are usual the substituents.

Comparing em dashes with interruption

  • The food in the restaurant (that was yummy) remind me of my mom’s cooking.
  • The food in the restaurantthat was yummyremind me of my mom’s cooking.