Em Dash Mac

Em Dash Mac – If you are working on a Mac and Em Dash Mac is a symbol that is require to you repeatedly or infrequently then what will you do? Nothing to worry about, like all other symbols there are two ways to type em dash Mac on Mac. En dash is also similar to em dash and method to type en dash is quite similar to em dash. You can easily print it by using some keyboard shortcuts keys or by using special character panel.

Em dash Mac are special purpose dashes that are used when you are writing any document either blog, letter, or emails. Em dashes are used in place of commas, parentheses, colons and semicolons. These dashes are mostly used in informal writing and are avoided in formal writings.

You can use em dashes in windows as well as many other platforms. Although there is no any special key on keyboards that represent em dash, you have to use combination of keys or some specific shortcuts to type em dash, en dash or many other special characters.

Em dash Mac gave the new concept to English writing skills. You can easily utilize this on windows, mac or any other platform to improve your writing and to increase readability.

Shortcut Keys to Print Em Dash  & En Dash on Mac

Keys: Option + Alt + Minus

Method: First hold down Alt and Option keys and then press Minus Key

Another Shortcut: Press the Minus key two times and then press the Space Key.

Similarly, if you want to type en dash then use:

Keys: Option + Minus

Special Character Panel to Print Em Dash

Open a text editor such as Microsoft word document and then click the edit menu and select the symbol and emoji option. Other than this you can use shortcut keys to open special character panel such as Shift + Command + Space.

Bu selecting this emoji and symbol option a panel of special character will appear in front of you. You can either search manually or cab search any character by writing its name in search bar such as em dash, and character will appear in front of you, select this and it will paste in the document.