Em Dash Meaning

Do you want to know the difference em dash, hyphens, and en dash? And you are not clear where to use these dashes in your content to make it more attractive and readable. Hyphens can be print by using minus sign that is printed on standard keyboard. While em dash and en das are not printed anywhere on the keyboard. You need to do some extra steps to add em dash or en dash in your writing to make it a masterpiece.

Let’s deeply discuss about Em Dash. Basically it is called em dash, because its width is equal to the width of English alphabet M. Em dash is longer than hyphen and en dash. Em dashes are used in a sentence where strong break is required. It can be used as a pair like parentheses, or at the end of the sentence like colon. There should be no space before and after the em dash. Em dash give clear sense to the sentence and help the reader to understand the written material.

Printing Em Dash on Screen:

You can print em dash on screen by using shortcut keys. On a standard numeric keyboard press and hold down Alt key (that is on the left side of the keyboard) and type 0151 the em dash key will appear on screen. This is only applicable for windows. If you are using Mac, UNIX, Linux, or any other platform then you need other codes to print em dash.

Unfortunately, keypads of laptops do not have numeric keypad so you can’t use alt codes, for using alt codes you need to attach any external numeric keyboard. To overcome this problem you can use Unicode.

  • Unicode for Em dash is: 2014+Alt+x
  • Unicode for En dash is: 2013+Alt+x

Method: Firstly, you need to type 2014, then press Alt key and “x” together. Consequently em dash (—) will appear on your screen.

Some Examples of Using Em Dash:

The Coffee—and I don’t prefer coffee—was hot and delicious.

Almost all workers—at least those, whom I know personally—came to the meeting.

I will wash the dishes later—leave them now.

Do you have a pen—that have a blue ink—I need it for writing.