Em Dash Unicode

If you have standard numeric keyboard with your PC then you can use Alt Codes to add em dashes in your content that are quite easy to use. But in case you do not have numerical keyboard then don’t need to worry about it. You can use Unicode that are also easy to understand and implement.

In Unicode there is large collection of dashes. Following are the Unicode’s of em dash, en dash, hyphens and some other dashes.

  • Unicode for Em dash is: 2014+Alt+x (—)
  • Unicode for En dash is: 2013+Alt+x (–)
  • Unicode for Hyphen is: 002D+Alt+x (-)
  • Unicode for Two- Em dash is: 2E3A+Alt+x (——)
  • Unicode for Three- Em dash is: 2E3B+Alt+x (———)

How to type it?

First of all you will type 2014, then press Alt key and “x” together. As a result, em dash (—) will print on your screen.

For casual writing em dashes or en dashes are used but two em dashes and three em dashes are special purpose dashes. For example to write the name of the author in bibliographies the syntax of two em dashes and three em dashes are used such as (—— or ———). Once you type em dash by using Unicode, you can copy it and paste anywhere in the whole document where it is required.

Uses of Em Dashes:

Em dashes are the most flexible and versatile punctuation mark that are valued by writers. Depending upon the context it can be used to get attention, adding information, adding emphasize, or replacing commas, colons, semi colons, or parentheses. The sentence is quite ambiguous without the use of em dash.

Read this sentence without the use of em dash:

  • I was at the office, doing as little as possible as usual when I heard the fire alarm.

Isn’t it look challenging to understand at the first glance? Now consider it with em dashes and you will feel the difference.

  • I was at the office—doing as little as possible as usual—when I heard the fire alarm.

Look at another example with or without em dash:

  • I love to eat the foods that are Chocolates, junk food, and smoothies
  • Chocolates, junk food, and smoothies—all foods I love to eat